It is nearly the end of the first-quarter and all of the classes have been busy! Elective classes and fourth through eighth grades  Will be taking an end of quarter exam during the last week of the grading period (October 8-12).  Fourth and fifth grades will be finishing their projects, too.  Please check portal if you have any concerns. Contact me with questions.



This week:

  • 4th grade will finish up their Keith Haring paintings
  • 5th grade is wrapping up their Oil Pastel self-portaits
  • 4E and 5E are starting the Greco-Roman time period
  • 6E and 7E began the Element of Shape.  They are working on OpArt and Abandoned Vehicle drawings, respectively
  • 8E continues their Toy Design unit.  Three drawings are due Friday


So many fun things this week!  5E visited the DFAC to make canopic jars, 8E has TWO guest speakers and 7E have completed 2 projects already!  Be sure to check Portal regularly for grades and assignments and to click on Students above to catch up on the happenings in your class!


Whew!  Already into the swing of things in Art!  Be sure to click Students and your class to see what’s happening this week.  There is HW due for some classes on Tuesday (8/28) and 5th Elective has a field trip on Tuesday, too!  Middle school students will get Portal log in information so they can check their grades and have access to assignments.  This is great if a student is absent and needs makeup work.

Please email me if you should have questions, c.stanzianow@pcsb.org.

Fashion Design Anyone??

6th and 7th grades are beginning a Fashion Unit that will take us through the end of the year.FashionDesignArtLessonPowerpoint  We looked at fashion as a form of art and at several different styles.  Students will be researching and designing their own “recycled” wearable art to be modeled at our “fashion show.”

Homework assigned today and due next Tuesday, May 1: Choose a photo of a celebrity, cut it or print it out, tape into sketchbook.  Then critique the outfit including:

  • Style/Category
  • Silhouette
  • Visual Weight
  • Elements and Principles including line, color, texture

If students would like me to print their photo, I need to receive it by Thursday morning.

I am planning a walking trip to the Kimberly Thrift Store next week (date TBD) and would love 1-2 chaperones.  Students will have a small budget (paid from elective fees) to purchase components of their fashion design. More details to come!